aiga studio tour

Last night some of my classmates and I attended a networking event organized by the Raleigh chapter of AIGA. The studio tour included 18 of the Raleigh area’s best graphic, web design and advertising agencies. Unfortunately it was impossible to visit all 18, so we focused on visiting three of the agencies recommended by friends and iMedia alum.

We made the long trek from Burlington to Raleigh and visited New Kind, Hesketh, and  Signal. It was really interesting to see each agency’s different work environments. I loved seeing that most of them had an open space with interesting design features. The photo above of the typography decal was at Signal. Everyone on the tour was really helpful and gave us great insight. We got the warmest welcome and most information from Hesketh. It was great to visit after hearing Alice speak just a couple weeks ago on writing for the web.

It was a great event and I only wish I could have visited more agencies in the short time period. The night in Raleigh wouldn’t have been complete without stopping for burgers at one of my favorite local places, Chuck’s.