If I’m being honest, Capstone hasn’t been getting much love lately. Twin Stripe took up a lot of time during the first part of the semester and that’s a good thing because the new issue turned out great. I am so proud of what Katie and I created, but now it’s time to buckle down. There’s only five weeks left before graduation and it’s time to put my nose to the grind stone.

So here’s what’s got to happen in the next five weeks: finishing up my portfolio (only a couple of tweaks left), creating my motion typography pieces and creating a website to contain them. Yesterday I began by researching and re-watching some awesome motion typography pieces to get inspired. Afterwards, I listened to some of the great audio I recorded at the performances with the Zoom. Then it was time to start sketching my first piece, you can see the progress below. With the addition of a new Lynda After Effects tutorial to refresh my memory, I have all the tools I need. Now I’ve got to get working.

capstone update


site mapProfessor Xu had us do an exercise in class today that has really given me focus to the execution of my Capstone project. So far, I ‘ve done a lot of recording audio and motion typography brainstorming. I hadn’t really though about the structure to my site at all. We first came up with a content inventory – listing all the pages that would exist in our website. Then we put those items into a flow chart and made a site map. This is really going to help me stay organized and give also help my users to have a better experience with the site. One of the things I found in researching already existing local poetry websites was that most of the sites were hard to read, disorganized and confusing. User experience is so important to a great website and is often overlooked. Adding this skill to my tool box will definitely help me become a better designer.

I had the opportunity to meet with some local Greensboro poets on Tuesday night. I traveled to UNCG to meet the poet group Well Versed Xpressions. I recorded a couple of poems at their practice/meeting.  They are a great bunch and really lively. I am so impressed by how spoken word poets can use words to invoke such emotion. As someone who trips over their tongue a lot, I definitely admire them.

well versed xpressions

I have recorded so much audio, that I think it’s now time to start sketching out what I’d like these motion typography pieces to express.

Also, just a side note. UNCG is SO pretty. I really felt at home there. I went to UNC Chapel Hill for undergraduate – so attending a super small school like Elon is a BIG change. I felt so at home on UNCG’s campus. It was nice.

I attended my second poetry slam this weekend. Another great time and the venue was really awesome. The Piedmont Slam was held at the Winston Salem Delta Arts Center. It’s a beautiful gallery and the acoustics are great. I saw a lot of the same people from the previous event. It’s really nice to see the community they’ve built around spoken word poetry. I hope that my website can add to the community by showcasing the local talent. I again took my trusty zoom and recorded audio of the stellar performances. I also got to see Soulstice 7 perform which is awesome because my friend and classmate, Josh, is doing their website for his Capstone. Interestingly enough, I was also chosen to be a judge for the slam rounds. Hopefully I represented well, all of the poems were so great. I love the variety too. I heard sad poems, happy ones, funny ones, some about social issues and even on Michael Jackson.

piedmont slam

I am looking forward to meeting with Well Versed Expressions, a UNCG poet group next week.

Poetic Justice

Winter term fly-in was great – challenging and rewarding at the same time. So now Capstone time is upon us. I had a couple of ideas swimming around in my head for my project, but ultimately inspired by an event I attended in January. It was a fundraiser called Save Our Arts Benefit which helped a local Durham school raise funds for student bands. I had gone to see a couple of my favorite bands but was surprised by how much I enjoyed the student group “Poetic Justice.” High schoolers were performing amazing spoken poetry pieces infront of this large group of people… and they were covering hard topics. Needless to say, I was really moved. So I went on the web to try and find out more about this group. I honestly didn’t find much. That’s when I had an idea – creating an interactive website that would showcase the local spoken word poetry talent in our region.

You can read my proposal after the jump.  Read More