Monthly Archives: April 2012

If I’m being honest, Capstone hasn’t been getting much love lately. Twin Stripe took up a lot of time during the first part of the semester and that’s a good thing because the new issue turned out great. I am so proud of what Katie and I created, but now it’s time to buckle down. There’s only five weeks left before graduation and it’s time to put my nose to the grind stone.

So here’s what’s got to happen in the next five weeks: finishing up my portfolio (only a couple of tweaks left), creating my motion typography pieces and creating a website to contain them. Yesterday I began by researching and re-watching some awesome motion typography pieces to get inspired. Afterwards, I listened to some of the great audio I recorded at the performances with the Zoom. Then it was time to start sketching my first piece, you can see the progress below. With the addition of a new Lynda After Effects tutorial to refresh my memory, I have all the tools I need. Now I’ve got to get working.

capstone update


Twin Stripe Magazine

We did it! Our spring issue of Twin Stripe is live. Katie and I worked hard this spring to release our second issue. Back when we first started the Elon iMedia program, we knew that we had some common interests, but once we started talking and hanging out more we realized we had a shared passion for home decor, styling and design. We tossed around the idea that we should create our own online magazine because we were inspired by Rue, Matchbook, Lonny, etc. With that, Twin Stripe was born.

We released a Holiday issue in December and a mini-issue in February for Valentine’s day. We were all prepared to start the spring issue when our independent study professor, Brad Berkner surprised us by suggesting that we think about a different format for our magazine. All the other online magazines we loved and tried to emulate were using digital publishing programs like Issu, so we did too. Brad really felt like putting our magazine in the container was stifling potential interactivity and engagement with our readers. So from there, we focused our independent study on finding the best format for the magazine. We did research and usability testing before deciding to build the magazine entirely in HTML and CSS.

It was definitely a challenge building it, but I think it turned out great. The format provides the opportunity for much more interactivity and our features and layouts are much bigger and bolder. Have a look the spring issue for yourself and send us feedback.

I have to thank Katie. She was a real whiz at building the site in HTML and CSS. My role was to write a majority of the copy, design most of the layouts and get the images and text ready for her to use in the coding. We have learned so much and are really thankful for the opportunity to work on Twin Stripe and the great response we’ve received. In addition to creating the issue, we have a strong social media plan and have recently started a blog to connect with readers on a more regular basis. It has been really fun and rewarding.