Poetic Justice

Winter term fly-in was great – challenging and rewarding at the same time. So now Capstone time is upon us. I had a couple of ideas swimming around in my head for my project, but ultimately inspired by an event I attended in January. It was a fundraiser called Save Our Arts Benefit which helped a local Durham school raise funds for student bands. I had gone to see a couple of my favorite bands but was surprised by how much I enjoyed the student group “Poetic Justice.” High schoolers were performing amazing spoken poetry pieces infront of this large group of people… and they were covering hard topics. Needless to say, I was really moved. So I went on the web to try and find out more about this group. I honestly didn’t find much. That’s when I had an idea – creating an interactive website that would showcase the local spoken word poetry talent in our region.

You can read my proposal after the jump. Spoken Word Poetry Showcase Piece

The Triangle and Triad regions of North Carolina have an abundance of talented spoken word poets. Unfortunately there is not a good representation of the talent on the web. An Internet search turns up a couple of YouTube videos and a few social media posts about upcoming events.

I will create an interactive website that showcases local spoken word poets. The website will be a container for a series of motion typography pieces based on and including audio I will record while attending performances, rehearsals or appointments. The website will also profile the local poets and the groups they belong to.

The goal of the project is to highlight local talent in the spoken word poetry circuit. Creating a greater online presence for local poets could attract more support and recognition. My personal goals include expanding on my knowledge of design, animation through Adobe programs and HTML/CSS/JQUERY and web development. Achieving these personal goals will allow me to have more skills that are attractive to potential employers.

Through preliminary research, I can see a few challenges. After recording my first Slam Poetry event, it might be tough to transcribe the poems for use in the motion typography portion of the project. I will need cooperation from the poets to obtain the written poems. In addition, the added noise from the audience could be a potential positive or negative.  I may have to re-think the recording strategy.

In regards to the web development portion of the project, I feel comfortable building a basic site. I hope to advance enough in my skills to build a design heavy site with interactive elements. I feel comfortable with the support I have from the instructors in the iMedia program to complete the project.


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