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fly-in presToday the iMedia class presented our winter term fly-in projects. It was a really nice event held in Studio B in McEwen. It was very exciting to share our project with our classmates, teachers, and the Elon community. The hard work and long hours we put in after we returned from Costa Rica was worth it.

I was so impressed by the work presented by my classmates. Everyone really did a stellar job. I really enjoyed the design work from Panama and the other Costa Rica team, the video work from Iceland and the way Mexico executed a whole re-branding mission for their client.

I will say, those two weeks when we got back from Costa Rica were pretty brutal. We spent a lot of time as a group in Powell’s computer lab. This project really stretched me because I did not have great experience working in a large group. My previous small work environment allowed me to control a majority of my projects. I really had to let go of control and listen to my teammates. I am so glad that I was able to get over that hurdle though, because it made the project and website SO much better.

Check out this link to get more information about each project.


After a wonderful Christmas break, it was back to work January 3rd. After a crash course on cameras/audio and tying up lose ends, we flew out of Charlotte early the morning of January 4th. From there, we arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica. Costa Rica was absolutely beautiful and my fly-in afforded me the opportunity to see the many different sides and landscapes of Costa Rica.

Our trip was pretty much a whirlwind. We traveled from San Jose to the Talamanca Mountain Range to an indigenous Costa Rican tribe’s preserve to Sierpe and Cano Island to the Osa Peninsula, where we finally arrived at Campanario, our client’s biological station. All the while, we were collecting content and planning our attack for Campanario’s web presence re-design. Our client, Nancy Aitken, has an extreme passion for conservation. Her life’s work is dedicated to Campanario and preserving not only the Costa Rican landscape, but also the culture.

I was really proud of the way that my fly-in team came together. We had a couple of rough patches during the trip that stemmed from being unclear on the direction of our project. In the end though, we really came together and gave a professional presentation to Nancy. Each team spent time with Nancy explaining the decisions they made and how they could help her attract more awareness to Campanario and her mission. I participated on the design and social media team and was proud that we were able to show her a few different mock ups and a full social media plan.

Campanario Fly-in Group