What’s in Your Web Toolkit?

Today is the last day of exams, but that doesn’t mean it’s the last day of work. Katie and I attended AIGA of Raleigh’s Lunch and Learn Program, Homegrown – A Web Toolkit. It was a great experience accompanied by some great food at Sitti, a Mediterranean restaurant in Raleigh. Mindy Wagner a designer at Viget in Durham talked about web design process. Once again, I was reminded how important it is to have a process and a way to develop your ideas.


Mindy took us through Viget’s step-by-step design process. They first start with a kickoff meeting/presentation that includes the client and all of the different departments at Viget, including project managers, UX people, designers and developers. During this kickoff meeting, the client is given a survey or opposites spectrum quiz which helps Viget determine their brand personality.

With this information, the Viget design team can then develop mood boards to show the client. Mood boards lay out color palettes, typography choices, basically the overall feel to the website. They create at least three for their next presentation. Mood boards are a good way to start because they are informal and non-threatening to clients. Clients are usually able to pinpoint a style they like right away, or pick and choose from the three boards.

These first initial meetings and mood boards are a great way to get clients involved. They feel that they’re able to get their ideas heard and play a role in the design. It was helpful to hear about the preparations that come before the actual designing. Instead of just pulling something from thin air, this process allows the designer to get feedback as they are working so they can provide the best possible work and prevent a client from throwing design out.

To be continued…


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