Merry Mingle

While working hard in the classroom is super important and necessary, I think spending time outside of the classroom networking is equally as important. This semester, I have tried to make an effort to get out of my comfort zone and attend events networking-based. There were many nights I had a lot of school work and Raleigh seemed very far away, but after leaving the event with business cards in my pocket and new connections made, I was grateful I made the trek.

This past week, after the launch of Twin Stripe, the online magazine Katie and I worked on this semester, we attended the Merry Mingle, a Christmas-themed charity and networking event held at Spy in Raleigh.  This networking event was really fun, just in the fact that we caught up with some folks that we met at the last networking event we attended in Raleigh. It was fun to already know some people there. We talked with a couple of past iMedia students that now work in Raleigh as well as a couple higher ups in design firms around the area. Talking with the people at these events has been extremely valuable. Next semester I hope to continue going to events and hopefully do some informational meetings with the people I’ve already met.


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