Drupal Reflections

After learning how to create a basic website using HTML, CSS and jquery, the time had come to delve into PHP and CMS. I have to say my first experience with Drupal left a little to be desired. While it is a powerful tool, the interface is hard to understand.

For an assignment, I had to create a Drupal site, employ a new theme, change the theme using the CSS, add three modules, add more navigation items and setup at contact form. Doing all these tasks proved to be a challenge because the system is not intuitive. Adding modules and the contact form were the most difficult tasks. The contact form errors I got seemed to be some fluke and I only was able to make it work by uninstalling a theme I was using and then reinstalling it. The modules are the least intuitive. To make some of the modules work, other modules needed to be downloaded. If other modules are needed, then they should download with the original module. You can see how this easily becomes a mess!

While the exercise was frustrating, I am glad to have some experience with Drupal. CMS is the easiest way to set up a site for someone else that is in charge of the content later. I am looking forward to using WordPress on the fly-in to see how the systems compare.



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