UX Design

Today in Professor Xu’s class we skyped with Sampada Marathe Joshi from GE Healthcare IT. She is a user experience researcher and gave us some insight on her role at GE and her day-to-day activities. She also gave us some insight on her the roles of designers at her company, which I was particularly interested in.

There are two different designer positions at GE – visual designer and interaction designer. Visual designers work on making things pretty but also, more importantly, ways to interpret data through design. Talked about GE’s healthcare software as an example. Doctors and nurses have to look at a lot of information at once. Visual designers’ challenge is to figure out a way to display that data that makes the most sense and is the most concise.

Interaction designers’ job is to design how to do the job. They focus on what icons to click on, how to navigate the system and how to do the job with the least amount of steps. Their job is to design the interface for the software GE creates.

The discussion with Sampada was really helpful and will definitely help me in my job search in the Spring.


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