McKinney Visit

This past Friday during our normal workshop time, Josh Janicek, from McKinney spoke to the iMedia students about jobs in ad agencies. McKinney is an extremely successful advertising agency in Durham, NC. Some of their biggest clients include Nationwide, Travelocity and Sherwin Williams. Josh gave some great advice about how to get started in the advertising industry. However, what I found most helpful was his descriptions of job titles and the structure of how ad agencies work. When starting my search for jobs, I found that there isn’t really one job title to look for. There are so many, it’s hard to keep them straight, and also hard to know what skills they’re really looking for.  At McKinney, the positions that would fit iMedia students’ skill set include jobs like Production Artists, Interaction Designers, Broadcast Coordinators and Creative Technologists. Josh believes the industry’s most wanted quality is the ability to be a “hybrid designer.” Thankfully we’re learning not only design, but also development and theory at Elon.

Josh also made the point that at McKinney, Flash is not dying. They use Flash in almost all their clients’ campaigns. He said that Flash is a quick and easy way to get their point across. It’s used mostly in promo sites and banner ads.  Because more phones are becoming compatible with Flash, he predicts that it will be used even more widely.


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