Thoughts on Code

  1. I found it super interesting that the author says that if you stole this book you are a thief, but if you found it like a dollar bill floating in the wind you’re not. So when we were sent this book on pdf by our professor, does it make it okay? And is he a thief? What about copying something and passing it around? Making a copy of a CD for a friend, does that make someone a thief? *UPDATE* I didn’t realize the text was available for free online.
  2. I wonder how Tumblr and other social networking sties, compare to MMOG games in cyberspace. While Tumblr users aren’t really playing a game, they are invested in cyberspace. They form communities and become invested in the people they follow. Some people use anonymous names and talk about their lives in detail –including work gripes, and life gripes in general. My point is you don’t have to be playing a game to be invested in cyberspace… checking Tumblr every five seconds is kind of the same thing as devoting hours to building your personality on Second Life.
  3. Should cyberspace be regulated? I think it should, although, I’m not really sure how. With a worm? I don’t think so, that seems a little too close to Big Brother to me. But when kids are being cyber bullied and committing suicide, there’s a problem.

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