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After our class discussion, I realized I had a lot more in common with Henry Jenkins than I thought I did. Some of my favorite papers I wrote in my undergraduate communications classes were about pop culture, television and its effects on society.  I used to be a pop culture freak, but I’ve been sort of removed from it since starting the program.

I went back and watched the piece on Vimeo where he talks about transmedia. The images and video of Disney characters really struck a chord with me. As a kid, I really loved fairytales. I of course loved Disney movies, as any young girl does, but I loved them to the extreme. For example, I loved (and still do) love the story of Beauty and the Beast. I read every iteration I could get my hands on. I wrote and illustrated my own version.  I watch every move adaptation that comes out, including earlier this month when I watched “Beastly,” a pretty terrible version with Vanessa Hudgens and an Olsen twin.

We forget that stories like these originated around campfires. Jenkins made me remember that large media corporations have taken ownership and copyrighted stories that weren’t there’s to begin with. Fan fiction, parodies and participatory culture are helping to reclaim storytelling.  We’re always going to tell the same stories.  It’s fun to think about how storytelling will change and how our stories will be retold in the future. Possibly in a way that includes Lanier’s much loved idea of avatars.

Lanier’s perspective on the power of the individual voice and the downside to the masses is an interesting perspective in comparison to our other readings, especially Jenkins. I’m finding my feelings sort of flip-flopping between both “wisdom of the crowds” and the power of the individual. I think there has to be a fine line in between the two.

I am also interested a theory of Lanier’s that was brought up in discussion. It was said that we are focusing on how our brains change on with the technology instead of how the technology should be changing with our brains.  Not going to lie, lock-out sounds like a pretty scary thing.

Along the lines of taking control technology, I’d like to say we unfortunately lost a great innovator today, Steve Jobs. I’m pretty sure almost all of us wrote this blog post on an apple computer. His creativity, passion, and brilliance will be missed.


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