Thoughts and Questions on Jenkins and Lanier

  1. I am a Star Wars fan. I actually did a Star Wars themed parody for my final project of the infamous pre-iMedia boot camp. I have never seen any of the parodies Jenkins has mentioned though. I am wondering are the only people who see these parodies and fan fiction films the people who seek them out? It seems then, like it would be a cyclical thing only between fan fiction creators and the egocentric filmmakers they worship.
  2. Are movies like Catfish and Cloverfield, sort of in the same style as Blairwitch Project, going to become more popular as amateur filmmaking becomes easier? They’re the only amateurish type films I’ve seen come to the box office in the past few years. Neither of those movies did very well, does that say something?
  3. I am curious about “lock-in,” a term Lanier defines. It seems so crazy that software that is dependent on other software can never change, or rarely does because it messes so many things up. It also makes me curious about the new Facebook timeline and if anything in the software has changed enough to make some apps or components obsolete. I am really enjoying Lanier’s different perspective.

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